What is Multiple Domain Hosting?

Let's say you have registered two domains:  AUCTIONS.COM  and    SELLYOURJUNK.COM     With multiple domain hosting you will be given one directory/folder on your Hostsafe.com server where you would upload your HTML files/pages.  But we would configure your web site so that if someone types www.auctions.com  OR  www.sellyourjunk.com into their web browser, that person will be taken to the one and same site.   In other words, both domains point to your one web account on our server.

Why would I want to use multiple domains?

Using the example of SELLYOURJUNK.COM above, you may find that you want to cover variations of your SELLYOURJUNK.COM domain name, therefore you register the following additional domains:


With multiple domain hosting, Hostsafe.com will configure your web site so that all of the above domains will point to your ONE web site.  You get the benefit of using multiple domains for your one web site.